What Do We Do?

We bring movement to beautiful masquerade costumes through our dance and model team. When we are not onstage, we are teaching others Caribbean dance fitness through our Carnival Spice workout and hosting monthly community meet ups.

Who Are We?
We are a team of carnival enthusiasts and professional artists who are passionate about sharing our talents with others.

Shakera Martin is a Canadian Movement Coach, and Performer. At a young age, she was exposed to music and dance. The flair and vibrancy of her Caribbean culture is what she used to enhance her unique style of movement. Her performance credits include: The Marilyn Denis Show, The Canadian Olympic Committee, the Toronto Marlies and more. Since earning an Occupational Health and Safety degree at Ryerson University, Shakera aimed to promote the relationship between health, wellness and dance. In addition to Carnival Spice, she launched Simply Shakera Inc., a lifestyle brand focusing on the empowerment of women through dance, fitness, and culture offering workshops, event entertainment, flash mobs, and youth mentorship programs. This has allowed her work to reach as far as Belize and India as well as create partnerships with top fitness brands including Lululemon, Titika, and HYBA.

Meet The Founder

About Us

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Our vision is to be a leading fitness and entertainment group that celebrates Caribbean Culture and showcases the magnificence of Caribbean Carnival.


- Promote Caribbean carnival year round and encourage others to participate in Toronto Carnival.

- Educate the greater community on the history of mas and significance of Carnival to Caribbean Culture.

- Provide our clients with exceptional Carnival-inspired experiences at their special events or through our fitness workshops.